Welcome! In this blog you can find my most recent works, available for any shards that may find them useful.
You'll mainly find 2d paperdoll graphics and some of the related arts.
If you use any of my graphics on your shard, please make sure to link my blog as a reference!


Planescape Factions Clothes

These are clothes for Planescape factions.

Anarchist Female Tunic [PH]
Anarchist Male Tunic[PH]

Athar Female Surcoat [PH]

Athar Male Surcoat [PH]

Bleacker Female Surcoat

Bleacker Male Surcoat

Bleacker Female Tunic

Bleacker Male Tunic

Cipher Female Tunic [PH]

Cipher Male Tunic [PH]

Cipher Female Dress

Doomguard Female Cape
Doomguard Male Cape

Doomguard Female Shirt

Doomguard Male Surcoat

Dustman Female Tunic By Marchese

Dustman Male Tunic By Marchese

Fated Female Shirt [PH]

Fated Male Shirt [PH]

Fated Female Surcoat [PH] By Marchese

Fated Male Surcoat [PH] By Marchese

Godsman Female Apron

Godsman Male Apron

Godsman Female Skirt

Godsman Male Skirt

Guvner Female Surcoat
Guvner Male Surcoat

Harmonium Female Surcoat
Harmonium Male Surcoat

Harmonium Female Tunic

Harmonium Male Tunic

Mercykiller Female Surcoat

Mercykiller Male Surcoat

Female Sensate Dress
Male Sensate Shirt

Signer Dress [PH]

Female Signer Shirt [PH]
Male Signer Shirt [PH]

Female Xaositect Shirt [PH]

Male Xaositect Shirt [PH]

Doomguard Cape
Fated Shirt
Guvner Surcoat
Harmonium Surcoat
Mercykiller Surcoat

3 commenti:

  1. Hi
    You have an amazing paperdoll graphics!
    We have a free shard semi-rp:
    We're going to use the graphics.
    It would be great to exchange links.

    Here are some screenshots:

    Best Regards. :)

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I've linked you on the sidebar ;)
    Hope your players enjoy my works!

  3. Hi Rubra! Nice work. :) "Elantharil" use some of your gumps too. It's a german RP-Shard and it would be kind, if we can exchange links.