Welcome! In this blog you can find my most recent works, available for any shards that may find them useful.
You'll mainly find 2d paperdoll graphics and some of the related arts.
If you use any of my graphics on your shard, please make sure to link my blog as a reference!


Wavy and Braided Hair

Review and new wavy hair, for female and male characters.
Male Wavy Hair
Female Wavy Hair

Male Braided Hair

Female Braided Hair

Elven Hair

Restyle of the hair for elves of Mondains's Legacy; one of them is partial hued with a feather.

Female Elven Hair
Female Elven Hair

Female Elven Hair [PH]

Male Elven Hair [PH]

Female Elven Long Hair

Male Elven Long Hair

Assassin Outfit

Assassin shirt from Assassin's Creed, partialhued, with hidden blades and hood.

Male Shirt [PH]
Female Shirt [PH]
Art [PH]

Male Hood
Female Hood

Single Hidden Blade Gauntlet, M
Single Hidden Blade Gauntlet, F

Double Hidden Blade Gauntlet, M

Double Hidden Blade Gautlet, F

Single Hidden Blade, M
Single Hidden Blade, F

Double Hidden Blade, M

Double Hidden Blade, F

Medieval helm

A realistic medieval helm, for plate armor.

Male Plate Helm
Female Plate Helm

Elven sword

Elven sword from Guild Wars.

Robe of the Evil Archmagi

Robe of the archmagi, ispired by Thalmor robe of Skyrim.

Oriental pants

Oriental long pants, for male and female.

Daedric Dagger

Daedric dagger from Skyrim.


Spidersilk Dresses

Drow dress, made with spiderskilk.


Spidersilk Dress
Spidersilk Dress

Spidersilk Dress

Nymph Dresses

Female dress with orange flowers, partial hued.

Nimph Dress


Nimph Dress [PH]
Nimph Dress [PH]

Nimph Dress [PH]

Nimph Dress [PH]

Decorative Plate Armor

Decorative plate armor, partialhued.